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    What is NAS storage?

    Network-attached storage (NAS) is a core component of any office or home network. NAS devices are specialist peripherals that make the sharing and storage of data and information across a network much simpler. It opts as the primary location for data storage within a network, whereby in-built security, file management, and redundant systems protect and secure your valuable information more thoroughly than on individual devices.

    How does a NAS device work?

    The NAS device will quite often have a customised virtual interface (though not always), that can be accessed from attached network devices. This enables for improved ease of understanding and data storage and retrieval for those not trained on using the NAS device. Often users may be required to enter a password upon attempting to access the data, though this is just one of many means through which storage administrators may wish to protect the data stored within.

    Types of NAS

    Rackmount NAS

    Rackmount NAS devices consist of one or more hard disk drives (HDDs) mounted in the device's metal enclosure, which then slides into a rackmount tray - there is no need to connect cables because they are built directly onto the front panel. This type of storage system can provide performance up to ten times faster than single drive storage systems with two HDDS installed. 

    Tower NAS

    Tower NAS come with just one HDD mounted in their chassis, making them less expensive but also significantly slower than rackmount NAS units.

    The benefits of NAS storage 

    There are numerous benefits of opting to use NAS storage within your personal or corporate networks. Utilising dedicated network storage provides quick and simple central file storage. A NAS system enables you to access all your required resources within a dedicated centralised location, saving time on searching and locating documents and files. Furthermore, it provides a ready-to-use means of backing up all valuable data and information, making data recovery simple and much cheaper should issues occur.

    The centralised location of NAS storage makes data security far more reliable. Upon disconnecting the NAS device from the network, nobody will be able to access the data. Furthermore, when turned on, high-level security programs and firewalls are in place to prevent the illegal access of sensitive information and data, keeping you, your team, and your consumers safe.

    Contact us

    Should you wish to purchase a NAS storage device but have any concerns or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our team members will be in contact with you shortly.